2013 DISD STAAR EOC Results by Campus

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Persona non grata
Persona non grata

Those of you feeling any combination of hatred, frustration or loathing for your employer, run don't walk to the latest happy talk letter to teachers in the latest newsletter. Allow the balm of FMM's encouragement and sincerity gently wash over you and be healed of all that concerns you. Come unto him and walk with joyful expectation into the 2013-14 school year. For now, refresh yourself right over there with a sip if a refreshing grape flavored drink...

Woodrow Alum
Woodrow Alum

It would appear that not much needs to be said about the STAARS results!  It will be interesting to see how the statistics will be used.  You can prove anything with statistics!!  

Perhaps the blog topic needs to be changed now that school is finally out!  What a charade was this last week of school.  With the "good students" eliminated the "bad ones" had to attend school.  Wonder how many absences were accrued.

Pancho Villa
Pancho Villa


Mr. Bill Betzen, what part of Elementary School Classrooms do you do not understand. The state is creating a group of third class CITEZEN and they are not General Ed students. I wonder if you are one of the problems instead of a permanent fix. If you feel go ahead and recommend the California approach. That will be a picture perfect of STUPIDITY.

I bet my family jewels you are not ESL/ESOL endorsed!

Pancho Villa
Pancho Villa

Gee!  I wonder who is going to test and teach those bilingual 5th grades students. Gen. Ed. does not qualify for the job. Is Mr. FMM going to break the rules again? Is Mr. FMM going to give those teachers back their stipend? He knows that 10 to dime Gen. Ed. teachers are nothing in a bilingual classroom. Let see how he plays this one. My best wishes Mr. FMM.

Last Day Thur
Last Day Thur

I hear DISD is having a hard time staffing summer school positions. Hmmmm wonder why???? Could it have something to do with promised spot observations and expectations of MRS DOLLO all during the summer school sessions and at only $20.00 an hour to boot. Well good luck with that! The powers that be are probably upset they can't demand teachers just show up for summer school.

Beer in Hand
Beer in Hand

Could you please drop down that clock, telling us how much time is slipping past us? It is very depressing, and we don't need to be reminded every time we hit this site.

E Kim Selim
E Kim Selim

@Woodrow Alum 

I think people are just exhausted.  There is not much anyone can do with the data as the cut points are so low they are only 8-10 items above random guessing and it has little meaning the way they presented it.  It shows they are test and adult oriented and not child oriented. 

They present "first-time" tested results.  Who cares. It lacks ecological validity or has no real world relevance.  The whole point of the STAAR test is to measure graduation (now 5 tests).  Freshman in fall 2011 are the graduating class of 2015.  The district needs to present STAAR information based on the graduating classes of 2015 and 2016. How many Algebra I, English I, etc.  exams were passed, failed, not taken yet. Why is the district masking this information?

Disrupted DISD
Disrupted DISD

@Pancho Villa

The DISDblog published two articles last fall regarding the request of DISD for this alarming number of class size waivers.  DISD declared "financial hardship," and yet still managed to pay inflated salaries for administrators AND put money into the reserves.

The DMN reported 92 schools were affected in DISD; that translated to 435 classrooms, mostly at the kindergarten and first grade levels.



Persona non grata
Persona non grata

PLEASE let it be so! Maybe DISD's contempt for teachers will come home to roost. Let the permanent subs they've used all year do summer school. Or, bring in the TFA'ers a little early.

disdblogger moderator

@Beer in Hand 

Glass half empty?  We've actually received over 10 emails from readers who love it. It will stay although we have moved it down to the bottom of the page so it's not so "in your face".

Pancho Villa
Pancho Villa

As I stated before, those classroom 90%+ are NOT Gen. Ed classrooms.

I know of two of those 495,  K-A 29 Students, K-B 24 Students both NON Gen. Ed.

mired by mike
mired by mike

@disdblogger @Beer in Hand 

I hate this clock also. School isn't even over yet. I'd like to enjoy a few weeks of summer before the countdown begins.

Thanks for moving it. Much better.

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