DISD Debacle: The Fellows Program

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money-crapperMike Miles’ Principals Fellows program just blew through $5.1 million dollars and what did we get for it?

The kids in my classroom got nothing—not even air-conditioning this week.

Thanks, Miles.

Thanks, irresponsible Board of Trustees.

The 57 or so Fellows were hired to replace all of the principals Mike “Michelle Rhee” Miles was certain he’d be able to fire before this blog came along and ruined everything.

Now that the pink slips have arrived in the mail, however, principals and parents are fighting back; some principals have secured legal counsel and are standing their ground.  Parents are attending community meetings and expressing outrage.

After the backlash against Miles it seems the Fellows have been told it looks like they won’t get the principal positions they were not promised (wink, wink) after all; they’ve been told to find other jobs even it means (gasp!) getting stuck back in the classroom.  For some, that could mean a pay cut.  For many it will mean a job as a principal outside the district.  What a great return on our investment!

Along with DOLs and LOs, the Fellows program is nothing more than another empty idea from Miles that does nothing to address the true needs of DISD students. The district relinquished contractual rights to 375 buses to Dallas County Schools for $5.3 million to cover the academy’s price tag of $5.1M. Some trustees have wondered why administrators didn’t propose getting rid of the buses earlier, instead of closing some schools.  Instead of adding teachers to the already decimated secondary schools; or staffing core high school classes with permanent teachers instead of substitutes; or addressing the discipline problems that continue to wreak havoc on almost every secondary comprehensive campus; or fixing the HVAC systems; what we have is a boondoggle of epic proportions.

The Fellows who end up leaving the district will take with them skills and experiences paid for by DISD taxpayers but not used to benefit DISD students.  Unbelievably, the trustees were asked about this very possibility in the fall; they were asked if the Fellows’ contracts required any kind of commitment from the Fellows post-completion to make sure that DISD taxpayers were repaid for the investment made in each Fellow.  The overall response seemed to be an “Of course! We would never be that dumb.” assurance, as if some were offended the concern was even voiced.

And yet, despite that very scenario becoming a reality and the complete waste of 5 MILLION DOLLARS, the program hasn’t been dismantled.  In fact, a whole new cohort has submitted applications.  At the March board meeting trustee Elizabeth Jones asked Miles about the funding of the program. She said that this year’s academy was a one-time expenditure that would be re-evaluated.  Miles said he expects to roll the costs of the leadership academy into the budget, trustees be damned.

DISD taxpayers and students can’t afford this constant, pointless drain on resources.  If an applicant wants to become a principal, he or she should pay for their own training and they should apply for a position as an assistant principal.  DISD has long been accused of being nothing more than a jobs program for adults and now we clearly see this as true.

The 5 million dollars needs to be spent on pencils, HVAC repair or additional (certified) teachers.  The Board needs to non-renew this wasteful Fellows program and, while they’re at it, they should non-renew Miles as well.

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stop the insanity
stop the insanity

So fitting that the picture is money as toilet paper because half the time we don't have any at our school!  We can't get toilet paper or paper towels and yet we have hired execs to come check if my LO or DOL are aligned.  BOT please wake up and rid of us this nightmare named Mike Miles.  


@One of the good ones. I imagine that everyone who ever was appointed Assistant Principal or Principal thought he/she "deserved it," including you. I'm not being flip here; I'm just saying that people in general seem to think they "deserve to be promoted."

We still have the same good ole boy system; we just have a NEW good ole boy who'll appoint people he believes he can mold to carry out his absurd policies. Unfortunately, principals now make few decisions: they are just "enforcers" for downtown. IMHO that won't make you "one of the good ones," as I believe the policies you'll be enforcing are wrong.

Just my opinion----

One of the Good Ones
One of the Good Ones

This is my 8th year working in DISD, 21st year around district. In years past, in order to even be considered for an assistant principal/principal job, you had to know someone. In part, this means we had friends of friends running the district. Look how well the good ole boy system has worked! For the 1st time ever, Miles brings in a program that knocks down many of those walls. Now you have to in fact be COMPETENT? Wow! What a concept?! I realize the program costs, but so does keeping the portables cool in the Summer with no one in them! But...We pay for that! I am not saying the Fellows are without flaw, but for the 1st time ever, I and anyone else who works hard could get a job and it would be deserved which is a novelty in DISD.

Persona non grata
Persona non grata

Metaphor for the Day: US public education is, at present, an incurable disease.

Every district in the country is experimenting on children in search of a cure and several symptoms have been alieviated. However, there is no cure that reliably brings consistent academic achievement to low SES and minority children. There are individual schools across the nation that have cured the disease but they are ignored and there is no effort or interest in mass producing their proven vaccines. Rice Elementary is an example.

The practitioners in the field are ignored and proposed miracle cures abound. A local purported miracle cure is MRS. DOLLO. Loud complaints about the painful and disfiguring side effects are dismissed by the hospital administrators.

The prescription provided by FMM and the BOT (8-1) appears to be killing the patient. The doctors at the DMN, in the business community and spewing as blog trolls tell us not to worry...

"Our definition of an incurable disease is any disease for which there is no known, accepted cure. A life time of taking pills or other pharmaceuticals to treat your condition does not constitute a cure.

List of Incurable Diseases

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Acquired Immune Defficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD)


Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS,Lou Gehrig’s disease)





Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)


Avian Influenza


Batten Disease (Juvenile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis)

Bi-polar Disorder (Manic-depression)

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE, “Mad Cow” disease)

Chicken pox aka Herpes Zoster aka varicella-zoster aka Shingles

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

Currarino Triad

Cystic Fibrosis




Dysmyelogenic leukodystrophy (DMD a.k.a. Alexander disease)



Emphysema (C.O.P.D.)

Farber Disease

Fatal Familial Insomnia

Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva


Galactosialidosis (Goldberg Syndrome)

Gaucher Disease

GM1 Gangliodsidosis

Hairy cell leukemia

Hodgkin Lymphoma

Hopeless Aatrocytoma (Brain Cancer)


Hurler Syndrome

Hunter Syndrome

Huntington’s Disease

Infantile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis


Interstitial Cystitis

Krabbe Disease


Lymphocytic Lymphoma

Macular Degeneration


Metachromatic Leukodystrophy

Morquio A

Mucolipidosis II (I-Cell Disease)

Mucolipidosis IV

Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Niemann-Pick, Types A and B

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma




Pompe Disease





Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Salla Disease

Sandhoff Disease

Sanfilippo A

Scheie Syndrome

Schindler Disease


Sialidosis (Mucolipidosis I)

Sly Syndrome

Small lymphocytic lymphoma

Spreading Adenocarcinoma

Spreading Melanoma

Takayasu’s Arteritis (Pulseless Disease)

Tay-Sachs Disease

Wolman Disease"


Woodrow Alum
Woodrow Alum

What about the gun thing at Woodrow a couple of weeks ago?

Straight Talk
Straight Talk

Certification is often not even worth the paper its written on.


Someone needs to alert TEA that Miles is trying to conduct teacher appraisals while state testing is going on.

That should go over really well.

If we had a certified superintendent, might know better.


At no time in US History have we tried to push all students into enrolling in college. As a result, those who are unprepared enter to meet a datapoint for some administrator somewhere who is getting a bonus while the student assumes a boat load of debt.

Straight Talk has a bad case of echolalia caused by an overload of stupidity. The sky isn't falling. More kids are graduating from high school than ever before. Two choices with public education--either graduate more or raise standards.

Both will never happen at the same time.

Straight Talk
Straight Talk

Many of the people who write into this blog have an incredibly false sense of comfort of where we are as a district, a community and a state.

The attached article is telling....over 85% of teachers think they are preparing their students for the next level, while only 26% of colleges concur.  Our four year graduation rate for the 14 area colleges per the National Center for Education Statistics is only 29%, with 25% of students failing to return just after the first year of higher ed.

Our system is pushing kids along, touting our high school graduation statistics while denying the reality that our children aren't prepared.  

We are fiddling while Rome burns, looking to blame an individual here or an administrator there without recognizing that the entire system is in cardiac arrest.


Persona non grata
Persona non grata

Uh, point of order. I'm not hearing celebrations over the STAAR results that just arrived.

MRS. DOLLO! MRS. DOLLO, please come to the office!


Spot observations during STAAR testing week? While other grade levels are testing and the building is having "Quiet mode, no movement in the halls"?


So where are the millions to equalize funding between high schools?

Are those parents at White, Hillcrest, and Woodrow supposed to get together and dance a happy dance?

How about if they spend their time comparing how their campuses have been robbed of funding to pay for all these new tests, fellows training, and the $8 million going to two feeder patterns.


Remember Morath telling the Texas Senators that if students didn't care about a test that counted for teacher appraisals, that he could just "norm" the test?

He must have brain parasites.


So Morath couldn't convince the Texas Senate Education Committee to overtest every student in the state, so Dallas ISD is wasting $700,000 on Pearson to make tests for each subject for each grade:


Strange how the suburbs where achievement is high want no part of this but Morath thinks this is the way to treat teachers.

No wonder TFA has to be bribed to come here.


So Morath's plan of testing every student in every course in order to test the teacher has begun with this plan.

Hope the other trustees understand students have no skin in the game.


Miles' plan looks like it was generated by Bill Gates, Morath, and Rhee.

 Rear View Mirror
Rear View Mirror

Are they going to change the names of the ED to "overseers"? Certainly seems that they more than fit the bill. Let's face it, until Miles and the current BOT is gone, DISD kids and teachers will suffer. Then all the decent teachers will find other places to go, and Dear Leader Miles will be left with whomever can stomach him for a year or so and then HE will be gone and the rebuilding will take years. I see this, teachers see this, why can't the BOT? I envision 5-7 years of starting over....it's all over but the testing.


$400,000 to TFA.

Why, when there are 4 universities within 30 miles with graduates who intend to make a career of teaching?

Why? Because Miles wants in with Bill Gates and Rhee.

There is no reason not to move this amount to subsidies for math, science, and special ed.

These TFa uncertified teachers will not have majors in math or science. They will be liberal arts majors.

Why is this against state law for those teachers graduating with credentials, but it's ok for TFA?





The Board needs to vote thumbs down on all this. 

E Kim Selim
E Kim Selim

I am just flabbergasted at the 2013-14 District Action Plan presented to the Board on April 11, 2013.


Page 21

1. Teachers: ensure highly effective teachers for all students.

Conduct twice-a-month professional development of teachers

***** It better be worthwhile, that is a lot of hours.

Expand number of Teach for America teachers

***** What ever happened to other avenues like schools of education, alternative certification, UTeach, military placement?

6. Culture: create and sustain a positive and compassionate “common culture”

Conduct climate surveys, parent and community survey, and student survey to assess progress in this area.

***** What? No teachers. Chicken.

8. Data and innovation: make managerial decisions based on appropriate, reliable, and valid data and best practices

Establish a student achievement data management system that is tied to teacher evaluations and teacher professional development.

***** This peaked my interest. I went to the accompanying narrative.

Page 2

Create district semester assessments for at least 80% of courses

*Begin assessing students, using the new district common semester assessments

*Assess teachers, using student achievement data (these data do not count for the 2013- 2014 evaluation)

How is the district going to have assessments for 80% of the courses? The answer came on supplement to the Action Plan. $700,000 to SchoolNet for an item bank.

An item bank? Does that mean DISD is the first district in the world to use formative assessments for teacher evaluation? We will become the national focus of a firestorm.

Here is my favorite, though. Page 21 on the supplement to the Action Plan

Parent engagement pilot. The District will pilot a parent engagement strategy, allowing a group of parents in the W.T. White, Hillcrest, and Wilson feeder patterns to organize and run the parent involvement plans.

Now that's was I call representational sampling.

Release the Toxins
Release the Toxins

I just saw Michelle Rhee on Washington Watch with Roland Martin. I appreciate the fact that he disclosed that he is on the Board of Directors of her Students First organization, and he said that he does not like ineffective teachers, principals, administrators, superintendents...or ineffective parents - that accountability needs to be all across the board - true. On the other hand, people tend to continuously sweep the issue of behavioral and emotional issues under the rug! What do we need to do with the ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), LD, ED, etc that are running rampant in our school district? What do we do? This is one of the things that is driving great teachers out - all the disorders will wear ya down.

Persona non grata
Persona non grata

Gird up thy loins, Dallas...

"Principals sue Prince George’s school system

The principals’ union has filed a CLASS-ACTION [emphasis mine] lawsuit against the Prince George’s County public school system and its Board of Education.

The complaint, which seeks $100 million in lost wages and benefits, interests, costs expenses and attorney fees, was filed this month in District Court.

The union alleges that the school system terminated 27 employees in spring 2011 “under the guise or pretext of a reduction in force and/or reorganization.”"


Persona non grata
Persona non grata

"Fired principals file lawsuit against Jefferson Parish School Board

By Sarah Tan, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune

on December 05, 2012 at 12:51 PM, updated December 07, 2012 at 12:17 PM

The lawsuit, led by Dodie Plaisance, former principal of Myrtle Thibodeaux Elementary School, alleges that the grounds on which they were fired by Superintendent James Meza was not written in their contract. The plaintiff's attorney in the lawsuit is Ron Wilson of Scheuermann & Jones L.L.C.

The lawsuit charges that the Jefferson Parish School Board, "In terminating their contracts...acted arbitrarily and capriciously in violation of state law and/or Defendant's own policies."

Meza laid off 17 principals in June after claiming their schools had not met the district's projected growth targets. The plaintiffs are charging that meeting growth targets was not in their contracts, and that they were terminated before the allotted time was given for them to meet their targets."

A copy of the lawsuit can be viewed here:Filed Petition.pdf


Persona non grata
Persona non grata

"Local Level Complaint Process

Complaints about school employees, general education programs, including Title I services, are first filed locally and addressed by the school administration. The school board has primary responsibility for ensuring that the school laws are followed. Local complaint policies require individuals to present complaints in writing. A person may request to appeal the superintendent's decision to the school board. It is very important to follow the steps and the timelines required by the district's policies and procedures. School administrators and the superintendent's office can provide copies of the complaint policies and forms.

If a person believes he or she is aggrieved by the actions or decisions of the school board that violate the school laws, the person may appeal the school board's written decision to the commissioner of education. Hearings and Appeals are provided for under Section 7.057 of the Texas Education Code and the person must follow the procedures described in Section 157.1073 of the Texas Administrative Code."


Release the Toxins
Release the Toxins

SOMEONE PLEASE tell these principals not to mess up the lives of their employees by giving false and defamatory references when people are applying for other jobs in the district or outside the district! It seems that only the Human Resources Dept (HCM) should be able to give a reference just confirming that a person worked for the district. There are principals giving bad references just because there are personality differences, and even because they don't want the person to leave. It is sad, and something needs to be communicated to the principals to remedy this situation!!


Carla Ranger made Diane Ravitch's honor roll... This may be old news on the boards, and if so, here again...Dianeravitch.net/2013/04/08/a-dallas-school-board-member-joins-the-honor-roll/


Quit feeding the astroturf.

"Someone" says 500 applied for the fellows program and Bart begins arguing why 500 would apply unless all love Miles.

No one disputed the original proposition that 500 applied for anything.

Then Bart starts a conversation on whether TFA is better than a sub when the 98% of the state's teachers are neither.

They are certified teachers.

Quit letting the turd set up debates around nonexistent issues.

500 didn't apply for the program.

The world isn't divided into TFA and subs.

The rest of the school districts have full staffing. Doughboy intentionally didn't hire teachers. That will come out in the audit.

The audit will deal with the facts of intentionally leaving vacancies because HR refused to hire. There is no world where only TFA or a sub exists.

Miles was either saving jobs for TFA or saving money.

Either way, he's toast.


That  Title I audit is coming. This one will not go before the Cowan audit committee to be brushed aside and auditor pressured.  This one will be costly.

Also costly will be the DISD back in the judicial system and under a court order.  Miles most likely has never had his name listed on the inside of a blue jacket. It is time. I do hope he is here  just long enough to to have that happen .

Wonder which will be coming first, Title I audit, Texas Civil Rights, or MALDEF.


Who benefits from harassing the principal at Sunset who brought the school stability and immense student growth?

Well, for starters, Todd Williams' charter schools. Mauricio Dominguez, formerly principal of a tiny charter was suddenly promoted into an asst. superintendent's position in charge of the Sunset feeder pattern. Dominquez is barely better than mediocre and part of the team harassing Tovar into early retirement.

Sunset will now slide back into a high dropout, low achievement school feeding Todd Williams' charters.

Thank you, Todd for using your money and influence to continually weaken Dallas schools.

As Bill Betzen has noted, making Sunset high dropout again will certainly benefit Dallas SCAM, where Lew Blackburn pretends to have a job and where he actually uses his influence on the board to protect his SCAM job, like the time he helped procure a $400,000 DISD contract for Richard Marquez, his boss.

Of course the SCAM will benefit by disrupting Sunset. More dropouts for SCAM. How's that IRS audit going at the SCAM?

So Miles' team harasses the only principal who has stayed at Sunset longer than 2-3 years and spins that school into eternal churn.

Is Cowan going to sit and put up with this?


So, to summarize the great performance of this Broad superintendent, year 1:

1. Attempting to remove some stellar principals with no grounds other than his flimflam spot obs

2. Allowing historic numbers of teaching vacancies, for what purpose, no one knows.

3. Since Title I comparability was based on hiring teachers, Miles and Glover can't stand the scrutiny of a title I audit which will find the district way out of compliance.

4. Pay for performance scheme which will lower teacher pay - again contributing to massive openings

5. Wasting $5 million for the Teaching Fellows program

6. Bloating up administration and overpaying for titles

7. Constant lying about his record and his past improvement--according to Miles, ACT scores went up (based on including a charter school that he had no control over) but college remediation skyrocketed in his former district, so something is amiss.

8. A scheme next year for $8 million in two feeder patterns which is not sustainable for the district and moves the district farther away out of Title I compliance on comparability.

9. Record numbers of teacher vacancies predicted for the fall

10. Huge inequities in spending per student from high school to high school which will have to be rectified


The $5 million wasted, totally wasted, on Miles' Fellows could have been put into incentives for secondary teachers in math, science, and special ed. Instead, churn through some more TFA who have no intention of staying and leave secondary campuses with 10-15 vacancies.

The consequences of Miles' actions and lack of strategy will be known over the next month as his plans dissolve in the light of the money he has wasted, the fact his cannot put $8 million in two feeder patterns when he has refused to comply with title I laws and when he refused to recruit and hire teachers this year.


The second fellows year is sure to be even better since Miles wants "leaders" and "heroes" from outside the district. DISD employees with degrees and principal certification can't get into the program or even get an interview. Tired of just complaining, more than 500 of us thought we might be able to make a difference, but we hear that they can't find 50 people out of the more than 500 that applied. Whatever!


For once and all, TFA does NOT bring teachers who majored in the content they are teaching. They could be French major teaching math and science.

Uplift is loaded with them teaching classes where they have only the intro or no class in the content they are teaching. The premise is they are so smart, they can teach any course.

The reality is they are here to grab $10K in Americorp funding to pay off their student loans and to head for the door.

Total actual cost of government and philanthropic funding to a TFA short termer is $80K per teacher. Too bad we can't put that into a potential career educator with a major in science and math.

Straight Talk
Straight Talk

A wise person once said "Great Minds Discuss Ideas; Average Minds Discuss Events; Small Minds Discuss People.."  Read the typical chatter on this blog and tell me where the majority of commenters fit within that paradigm.

Straight Talk
Straight Talk

Only in education would the system blame a compensation system based in part on how much children grow in academic knowledge over the prior year instead of the lack of integrity of the teachers themselves in gaming the system to their benefit.  Can you imagine the outcry and laughter if Wall Street professionals trading on inside information blamed their capitalistic system for their lack of integrity and instead argued for a communistic state where all incentives were removed and everyone treated the same?  Absolute malarkey.

Persona non grata
Persona non grata

Perhaps the final "Open Mike" (what a collosal contradiction of terms) should be disrupted for the sake of disruption. Disruption is obviously a core value held by FMM. "Weapons" of mass disruption?


Wouldn't it be great if this bill outlawed Miles' pay for performance crap? Maybe the Board needs to understand that putting $8 million into this plan will be the same disaster as funding the Fellows program.

El Paso state Rep. Joe Moody introduces bill to end test-score bonusesBy Marty Schladen / Austin BureauPosted:   04/18/2013 12:17:29 AM MDT
Marty Schladen

AUSTIN -- In the wake of the El Paso school cheating scandal, a bill has been introduced in the Texas House that would end state and local bonuses to school employees based on standardized test scores.

State Rep. Joe Moody, D-El Paso, introduced the measure in a late-night session Tuesday of the House Public Education Committee. It joins several other bills offered by the El Paso legislative delegation that are intended to end the school cheating that has plagued the county's schools in recent years.

Former El Paso Independent School District Superintendent Lorenzo García pleaded guilty last year to rigging the results of standardized tests to pump up his bonuses.

Moody said the $56,000 in such bonuses that the court

A view from the state capitol.
ordered García to repay could have paid for an additional teacher for a year.

"We'll never get that money back," he said.

Since the scandal broke in the El Paso district, cheating has 

Time to Go
Time to Go

A question for anyone in blog land.  Can an instructional coach, who is not a certified administrator, observe and complete spot evalutions on teachers?


Get this:

During the Colorado luncheon, Miles also tells his audience:

“We’ve expanded Teach For America, we already have a MoU with them. We are starting to hire our Teach for America candidates, 186 this year on top of what we already have.”

If you listen to the podcast, it's like someone mentioned before, he is doing comedy at the Improv. The audience is actually laughing at some of the things Miles is saying about Dallas ISD. 


Persona non grata
Persona non grata

Leaders model what they want from their employees. Be compliant! BE DISRUPTIVE! (Even though I'm very confused because intentionally disruptive people are usually bullies, I will comply. Resistance is futile. I will be disruptive.)

"Dallas ISD Superintendent Mike Miles - "we have to be disruptive"

Friday, April 12, 2013 at Colorado luncheon - Superintendent Mike Miles

"And that's why I like this quotation from Arne Duncan. It came out a couple years ago, but he says, "we have to be disruptive." Education Blog-Mike Miles Recording-Dallas Morning News-4-17-13

"We have to be disruptive.""



I just received my four color Dallas ISD Newsline from FMM and company. Expensively printed, this newsline is propaganda, aimed at convincing Dallas taxpayers of the "brilliance" of Destination 2020. Full color pictures abound with a promise to continue increasing the District financial reserves. What it doesn't mention? That these reserves have been created by purposely leaving vacant hundreds of teaching positions. Big article on Woodrow Wilson in deference to Mike Morath, no doubt. No mention of Fellows Program or massive non-renewals of principals and teachers. New catch-phrase introduced----Parent Leaders. I suppose they'll be trained by officials from SMU, TFA, Uplift, The Walton Foundation, and other charter and privatization supporters.

DOL doo doo
DOL doo doo

There are some concerns about statements made by Superintendent Miles at the luncheon in Colorado on Friday, April 12, 2013.

(This is one excerpt from the podcast where Mike Miles spoke at a luncheon in Colorado on Friday, April 12, 2013.)

“We started a school leader’s academy back in August. We hired 57 people, paid them a salary of $60,000 just to train all year to be principals so that at this time of the year we have a whole bunch of principals we have to remove. We have an internal pipeline. So they’ve been training all year and now is the time where they are being interview to take over some of the schools.”

I S . . . T H I S . . . O K . . . B O T?


Back to the topic of the article: just how much will the needle of student achievement in DISD be moved by the many principal fellows we trained and then released to other districts? Our students would have been better served if we had just paid these fellows to teach for a year, rather than paying them to sit in classrooms and be taught. At least we would have gotten our money's worth. Maybe.

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